Forming a shape of what resembles that of a teardrop in today's maps and satellite images, this wondrous island of Sri Lanka can be defined as nothing short of paradise, period. From its rich and diversified culture that has found roots from ancient influences to its long and winding coasts which teem with lush flora and fauna for the discerning nature lover to revel in, this land has uncountable pleasures in store for those of us who are enthusiastic about all things magnificent! While Sri Lanka is known to amaze one and all with its unique aestheticism and unspoilt landscapes, here are a few examples of the island's heritage worth taking note of:
The MGS Hotel
Conveniently located at the heart of Sri Lanka's captivating beaches, the MGS hotel is a boutique hotel which consists of 6 comfortable and well-maintained chambers for indulging in a pleasurable retreat during your holidays. A ride that shall constitute barely an hour of your time from Sri Lanka's Bandaranaike International Airport via the Southern Expressway, the MGS hotel is delighted to welcome all those who wish to enjoy the very best of what the sunny and splendorous township of Elpitiya has in store for all its visitors young and old alike - be it with family, friends, a partner or in simple solitude!
The MGS Foods
Highly oriented to providing a relishing experience in terms of food and beverage for all its guests in conjunction to a desirable abode, the MGS hotel comprises of a restaurant and bar that is run by a team of skilled chefs, stewards and bartenders with the aim of appeasing palates that are keen on indulging in not just traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, but continental ones too. Depending on individual preference, orders can be made via our comprehensive list of menus to enjoy a meal or cocktail that will leave you craving for more!

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