MGS Foods

Being stationed amidst a scenic locality that presents chambers within a luxury bungalow, the MGS hotel is architecturally laid out to evoke ease of use and exuberance simultaneously. As our boutique hotel consists of 6 exclusive suites, each room is diligently cared for in order to maintain stringent standards of comfort, sanitation and tranquillity. In addition to that, we're thereby oriented to serving only a set number of clientele, which in turn makes our resort less congested than most other commercial hotels and a much more feasible option for those who value a few quiet moments of serenity.

So, what can the weary traveller expect at our abode ?

First and foremost, as the entire workforce here at the MGS hotel is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving each and every guest nothing short of the very superior in terms of care, comfort and hospitality, each staff member - from our front office executives to housekeeping personnel, shall be at your wait throughout your stay in any one of our cosy suites. Available fully furnished with signature furniture pieces born from fine craftsmanship qualities of antique Sri Lankan and Italian conceptualizations, you're assured to feel an ambience that exudes a confluence of local and vintage perceptions unique to our boutique resort itself, and nowhere else.

A view from one of our room balconies along the upper tier is sure to render all your woes forgotten! Once again, as we maintain room service round-the-clock while you're staying with us, each chamber at the MGS hotel is appropriately equipped with all basic facilities in your interest, such as:

    Full air conditioning system,
    Telephone connection,
    Television set, complete with HD satellite connection,
    Wi-Fi for internet connectivity,
    Hot water in showers,
    Blow dryer,
    Bath linen such as towels, towelettes and robe.

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